Wednesday’s W: WEB

Spider webs are amazing.

Or any kind of web, really.

Every threat is connected to the others.  If one is messed up, the whole thing is messed up.

My life very much resembles a web.  I can’t be a mess in any part of it without it affecting the whole.

My family very much mirrors a web.  No part of it can be weakened without the whole family suffering.

My body is truly a picture of a web.  Try telling my head that my throbbing bleeding little finger doesn’t affect it…

My community is nothing by a web.  “It takes a village” becomes more and more of a reality!

Yep, webs pretty much coincide with who I am, from the inside out.

How about you?

Counting One Thousand Gifts with Ann

#53 lighting bugs

#52 the connections in my life

#51 my friends who know me and love me

#50 spider webs


One comment

  1. Loved the analogy today; it was enlightening. I must say that my web has been torn with family concerns; so I know how hard it is to keep the family web together.
    Blessings and thanks for your thoughts.


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