I quickly explained away his unacceptable behavior, defending him with all the enthusiasm I could muster.  And it made all the sense in the world to me, knowing his situation.  Yet as I walked away, the words I used churned my stomach, like one would feel after drinking sour milk.

Well, yes, he has “extenuating circumstances.”  You try walking in his shoes for a few miles!  And of course, this is the best arrangement at this point; what else could he possibly do?  It’s not like he has much of a choice, you know…

But my heart quietly asks the questions that I do not want to face:  does this  really make the unacceptable acceptable?  Am I crossing the line and declaring right what is not?

Well, there is so much to consider, you know… You’ve got to keep an open mind. Not everything is black and white in life.  There are a lot more grey areas than we want to admit.

Boy, do I know that to be true!

I went from being a thick-headed-always right-there-is-only-one-way teenager to a grown-up woman beaten up by life a few times.  And I have accepted that 1 + 1 doesn’t always make 2, and detours are sometimes the quickest way to where we need to go.  And I know now that it’s really OK.

But that is not what this is about.  Because in the midst of all the grey areas of the entire world, there is still such a thing as Absolute Truth with a capital A and a capital T.

Absolute Truth is not subject to time, fashion, evolution nor revolution. Absolute Truth stands on its own in the face of cultures, inventions, research, war and peace.  Absolute Truth is not altered by death, life, suffering or joy.

It was.  And it is.  And it forever will be.

The issue I face is actually quite simple: when I choose comfortable over Absolute Truth, conflict arises.  When I choose excuses over Absolute Truth, my stomach churns– like after drinking sour milk.

And that is very, very good news…. because if it stops churning when I choose comfortable and excuses for myself and those I love, I will have given up on Absolute Truth.  And that is the worst kind of death there is.

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