…when I don’t see the answer I am yearning for

…when my efforts don’t bring about the expected result

…when I waste precious time

…when life stands still and growth is stunned.

So I pray,

Open my eyes, dear Lord, to see

…Your fingerprint in the silences I don’t like,

…Your ways built in me as I barely tread water,

…Your hand holding on to my weeks, and days, and hours,

…Your breath that makes all things grow.

Open my heart, dear Lord, to understand

…Your perfect love in retrospect,

…Your kindness saving me from me,

…Your mercy that leads me home,

…Your heart that beats to love me more.

Counting One Thousand Gifts with Ann

#72 Fresh Blueberries, right out of the bush

#71 Peace to wait for Him

#70 A settled heart

linking up with Hear it on Sunday, the better Mom, State of the Heart, Seedlings in Stone, Playdates, Far above RubiesFinding Beauty, Tell me, Living Well, Deep Roots at Home  and the Alabaster Jar



  1. What a beautiful prayer, such a blessing to me. I think of discouragement as my “besetting sin,” I so often yo-yo in and out of it. I would like to keep this prayer to use myself, it so speaks my need and my desire!


  2. What a beautiful reminder of God’s constant involvement in our lives…even when we find it difficult to see, hear or feel Him!


  3. “…when I waste precious time

    …Your fingerprint in the silences I don’t like,”

    Those two lines stick out to me the most. Thanks, Barbara, for this beautiful post…I want open eyes and an open heart too.


  4. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts on Tell Me a Story. I was reminded of the prophet’s servant who was fretful and worried, so Elisha asked God to open his servant’s eyes to reveal the army of the Lord who would fight for them.


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