There are some rules in life that are non-bendable. Like gravity.  As babies, we all learned to cope with it, to accept it, to make our choices in view of it.  And then, we never questioned it. It is what it is. Non-negotiable.

My being called by God is one of those givens in life.  He has given me that position, and He makes decisions in view of it.  He is God and that’s that. Non-negotiable.

Simple, isn’t it?

It only gets messy when I second-guess Him, reasoning with myself that He must have made a mistake because I certainly wouldn’t have picked me and I know better than God Himself.

Like when I feel far from Him because of my sin, obviously misunderstanding the grace of God. My sin or lack of sin have nothing to do with His choice of me. The blood of His Son does.

Or when I just don’t want to belong to someone other than myself, or I don’t want someone to tell me what to do with my hours, my energy, my resources–which in itself is pure stupidity that gets me in big trouble, just like ignoring gravity would.  Because no one is free from responsibility, period.  And no one is his or her own master.

There is nothing to discuss. I belong to Him whether I like it or not, whether I mess up or not, whether I am useful or not. And He loves me, whether I sense it or not, whether I drink of it or not, whether I acknowledge it or not.

His love for me and His calling of me are just like gravity–facts that must be accepted and reckoned with.

I can  sit in a corner, pout and get frustrated about the law of gravity–but right there in my corner, I am still under its law; haven’t ever floated away yet. Or I can take full advantage of gravity and plan my life and days in view of it, resting in the security it brings.  My choice.

I am benefiting exponentially from God’s call on my life, loving every minute of Him calling me His precious daughter. I revel in His call, in His love for me, in His plans for me, in the safety of my salvation. I know what it means to let go off fear because there is a bigger law in operation in me now: God’s got my back.

And I’m good with that!  How about you?

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