Waking Up like every Day is Saturday

Do you drag yourself out of bed, dreading the day because it’s Monday?  Do you divide your life in work (no fun), evening (better but chores), vacation (great!) and retirement (finally!)?  Does today matter more because it is a no-working vacation day?

Are different days in nice little filing cabinets?

Maybe we should goop all the days together– not one more important than the other.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday–all good.  So you have to go to work on Monday to make the money to provide for those you love, but does that make it a rough day? Or is it a blessed day because you get to go to work to provide for those you love?

As soon as we figure out how to live our purpose in our everyday life, we can live on purpose no matter what day it is.  And that is excellent.

Did you know that people with a strong sense of purpose have boosted immune systems and lower stress hormones?  Yep.

None of us finds fulfillment in an automatic, robot-type life, but we all thrive when we add purpose and adventure to our days. Purpose beyond Saturday mornings.   Purpose for life on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. And Saturday and Sunday.

It’s all about perspective, and learning to fit our purpose in all that we do.  When the kids are screaming and the milk is spilled and the boss is unhappy.  When the bacon burns and your mom is upset and the money is tight.  When all we want is a bubble bath and a dream life that doesn’t exist on this side of Heaven.

How the heck do you do that, you ask. Well, truthfully, I can’t answer that for you.  Because it’s your life, and your purpose.  You are the one who has to figure that one out.  Yep.

But there are some guidelines that work for each one of us, and the very first one is this: Do it on purpose.  Your Monday, do it on purpose.  Your ugly Tuesday, live it fully.  Your exhausting Wednesday, experience it fully.  Your boring Thursday, choose it.  Your almost-the-week-end Friday, don’t waste it.  Your long awaited Saturday, enjoy it.  Your family Sunday, make it happen.

Once we live on purpose, our purpose becomes so much more defined. And it can fill each moment of every day.

What do you do to fit your purpose in all that you do? Let’s hear it!

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  1. Purpose and adventure in every day. Great idea. Some days, some situations, would make that a lot more of a challenge, but a good challenge nonetheless. Each day IS a new gift; what a good way not to let it just happen to us.


  2. Barbara:

    As I read your post I was reminded of how many times I wake up and think, “Oh Lord, it’s Monday.” But each day is given by God to “rejoice and be glad in.” Thank you for these very wise words.



  3. Hi Barbara! I found you today via Amy’s Just for Fun linky. I love this post. In the past few months, the Lord has really been showing me that Attitude is everything. (Of course I remind my kids this constantly, but I guess I need to live it more as well!). My joy does not depend upon my circumstances, my day, my bills…you name it. We always have a choice! Blessings! -diane


  4. Barbara, This is really interesting and I never thought of it before…just excellent!! When you think about the purpose and perspective behind our efforts making us stronger, I can see that reflected years ago in my life. I am so thankful for the Lord growing me through the pain and challenges of life. You blessed my day, dear one!


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