Five Ways to Keep Truth Vibrant in my Mouth

“God is still on the throne.”

“He’s got it!”

“Don’t worry, He is Lord.”

“He sees it all.”

He will come through.”

Generic words that cover it all easily uttered when someone I know faces a difficult situation; one-size-fit-all band-aids.

So true.  And yet so lame.

Sometimes, the obvious has been said so much that it loses its weight.  It doesn’t heal or encourage because it’s familiar, used up.  Like an “I love you” said for the thousandth time in a marriage.

So lame. And yet so true and necessary.

How can we keep truth vibrant within and communicate it with power and anointing?

1. Don’t be flippant about your words.  Even if you have said it 243 times, mean it with everything in you on the 244th time.  Because if you do, it will catch my attention and my heart.

2. Have a kind, but firm response to the “yeah, yeah, I know” answer that comes. Because you will face me with my unwillingness to really listen.

3. Don’t say it because it is expected of you, or just because it is the right answer in a situation.  Say it because you believe it to be true and helpful.  I am human too, and I can read right through you.

4. Back your words up with actions. If you tell me that you love me, do something to show it.  If you tell me that God will provide and you can be a part of the solution, do it.  Because I know that it’s for real when you put your hand to the plow.

5. Speak with your entire body–mouth, eyes, hands, body, posture.  Because it will wake me up from my slumber.

How do you make familiar words count? 

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#95 kindness demonstrated

#94 all my ducks in a row before going to bed

#93 a settled spirit when the storm is raging

#921 healing words

#91 an evening at home all by myself

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  1. Love this. I’m allergic to all those trite answers, too. These are practical and helpful ways to combat the un-thinking responses that roll so easily off our (yes, even my own at times) tongues. Thank you.


  2. I agree. So many times I truly do try to make sure I’ll be saying the right words at the right time with the right focus. Not always succeed, but do agree that it is highly important. Thank you.


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