June 2012 Letter–Dear Giraffe

June 2012 Letter–Dear Giraffe,

I am not quite sure why, but all my life I have thought of you as the most beautiful animal on planet earth.  When I first saw you in a zoo, I was so happy that I started to giggle.  When I see pictures of you, my heart just melts.  Maybe it’s your towering legs, or elegant long neck, or your gorgeous spotted coat, or your eyes that seem so kind…

Your height allows you to not be limited in your view of the world that is around you;what an advantage that must be. You run fast and long, strength radiates from your body.  

Over the years, I have been surrounded myself with reminders of you.  My son gifted me with a puzzle of you and I spend hours putting you together, amazed at your intricate spotted coat of gorgeous colors, staring at your eyes, picturing you in the wild.  A man in Africa painted a picture of you for me, and my friend Ryan captured you in a stunning impressionist drawing.  They both hang in my sunroom where I spend most of my time.  I found a hand-carved and painted wooden version of you that now towers in my home.  A Momma and Baby leather giraffe set were gifts from dear friends, and they just stand there, making me smile.  

For whatever reason, you make me happy.  And as I look at all the reminders of you in my life, I remember that God loves to make me happy in the simplest things of life. 

Thank you for all the joy you bring to me, 


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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