One Single

This simple truth seems to lace itself all through my life, and I can never get away from it.  Oh, the power of ONE!

You know…

ONE  apple seed turns into a tree which bears innumerable apples filled with apple seeds’

ONE second of eye contact sealing the fate of two people

ONE man fathers a child, and here we are;

ONE single shot and life is stopped;

ONE selfish act, and …

ONE act of kindness, and a life is rescued

ONE single idea, and disaster is avoided.

You know…

ONE man died, and we all live.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#115 barefoot toes in the grass

#114 Fresh cut grass smell

#113 My husband’s acts of kindness to me

#112 Jesus’ sacrifice

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  1. “One” can usually be a very good word to look at and think of. But, as the case for many of us, our ONE God broke into our one life so we will have one very long eternal life forever. A good thing. [The only main difference for me: Dave is my #2 husband… and he will be with me forever on this face of the earth… and he is absolutely wonderful. My personal #1 ranked blessing in my life.]


  2. This is good, Barbara. One. We can negate it sometimes as “only” one, or “just” one. But look at all that “one” can do! Your examples highlight that. I am only one but with the One, I can accomplish today whatever he wants. Thanks! Have a blessed day.


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