When my husband of thirty-two years asks me to dance with him, I gladly take his hand and enjoy the comfortable closeness, the rhythm of the music, the expression of his love, and the feel of his body wrapped around mine. I revel in the deliciousness of the moment. Wonderful and precious–a memory in the making.

But when God asked me to come dance with Him, my whole world stopped.

I can hardly catch my breath.  On shaky legs I stand, and with a knot in my stomach, I take His hand extended to me. And the dance begins.

I can sense His heart bursting with love for me.  He holds me tight and whispers promises in my ear.  He woos me with His Word, so tender and strong.  He sparks my hope with His smile, He caresses my being with His kind eyes on me.  I am His queen and I know it.

God leads, and I follow.

With every twirl on the floor I grow smaller, yet stronger.  The energy of His delight rains on me. The weight of His embrace makes me know all is well.  I close my eyes and breathe deep, as I dance with my God, as I drink all His love.

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