Like many others, I am counting one thousand gifts with Ann Voskamp. So when I went on my walk this morning, I considered how good God is and how many gifts He has richly bestowed on me. Than’s when I came across one of those big ugly black snakes.

I don’t mind bees, or ants, or bugs in general. I am even ok with a normal sized spider.  But snakes make my skin crawl. I hate snakes. They make me jump on the inside and I have an involuntary physical reaction to them…

My heart fell to my belly and my breath got caught in my throat,  I stopped dead in my tracks.  And after the first few milliseconds, I smiled.  Because indeed, the snake was dead.  Dead!  So I just walked around the snake and continued on my merry way.

Back to my consideration of God’s gifts in my life.  Back to my thankfulness list. But snakes are no gifts, are they? No, they are not. Not even dead ones.

The picture of the dead snake stayed with me as I continued my morning walk with the Lord.  And then I saw it: the snake was dead! It had no power over me. I need not fear it, it is dead. The snake, God’s very image of His enemy, has lost his power. The devil has lost.

Oh my goodness, what a gift!  The dead snake was indeed God’s gift to me–His  reminder today that the devil has lost.  God is on the throne.  The evil one’s power is dead, decaying, putrefying.

I couldn’t wait to turn around and come back to the place of the snake.  When I got there, I knelt down and took its picture.


Gift number seven for today.  Personal love note from the King of the Universe to me.  May I never, ever forget it!

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#129 dead snakes

#128 THE dead snake

#127 God’s way of talking to me

#126 Music on my Kindle

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  1. This is great, Barbara! I am almost done with my 1000 gift list (and as in “done” I mean to 1000 but I ain’t stopping.) I have several things on my list that are like your dead snake… So glad God was able to show you the beauty in that initially creepy experience!


  2. I was sitting on a bench enjoying a book once, and then I got up to go and saw a snake right there. Mine was alive, but it seemed as scared of me as I was scared of it. I turned around and walked quietly in the other direction. I don;t think I remember my heart every beating so fast!


  3. Awesome Post! I love the dead snake story! It just goes to show how God uses our worst fears to teach us a lesson or to talk to us. It also shows that God takes good care of us all the time!

    Great Blog!



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