Slow down to  listen.

Do you hear each little raindrop falling on the windowsill?

Slow down to feel.

Feel the summer warmth wrap itself around your bare shoulders.

Slow down to look.

Look deep into the eyes of the child telling you his forever dream.

Slow down to enjoy.

Enjoy the effect if the wind swaying the little tree in the backyard.

Slow down to taste.

Taste the deliciousness of the pumpkin cheesecake in your mouth.

Slow down to drink.

Drink in the soulful music in the air.

Slow down to breathe.

Breathe in the fresh baked bread and the fragrance of the Lillies-of-the-Valleys in your backyard.

Slow down.

Listen to the chatter of a baby, and take the time to fold the sheets nice and crisp, and wipe the tears with kindness and care, because

Life is not an emergency.

It is here and now. It isn’t what you have to do to get to the place where you can just chill on your own.  It is what you are all about. It is who you are and what you do and it is right here. Right now.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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