Two things about me:

1. I am highly organized; or at least, I think I am. Everything has its place in my house and in my head, and I tend to think in categories. It makes life manageable; it works for me.

2. I think in absolutes. Things are either black or while; period. I get all uptight when they are grey, because I don’t really know what to stand on.

So when it comes to God, I want to do the same. I want to declare, “That’s how He works.”  Or, “That’s what He is like.”  Or, “That’s what you can expect.” I want little compartments and absolutes; I want to put His ways in neat little boxes with labels on them, like “How God provides,” or “What God does when I cry.”

But God won’t let me. He won’t allow Himself to be categorized.

One time He provides with ravens, another time with water out of a rock, and another time He tells His disciples to go fishing. He had me give away my last potato the day before He brought me a 50 pound bag of the same.

When I am in despair, He sometimes tells me to toughen up, or calls me to repent, and at times He just holds me until I can go on.

When I needed wisdom, He has opened His word to me, and He has also told me to ask for secular help.

When my friend acts in a way that I judge not acceptable, He tells me to get over it.

I can’t figure Him out.  

He has a sense of humor, yet He is the most serious one I know.

He is God Almighty, and He can play like a kid.

He is all about life but doesn’t hesitate to kill.

And at times, He is o.k. with grey.

He won’t be put in a box.

 He is God.

Deal with it, Barbara.

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