God in a Box

Two things about me:

1. I am highly organized; or at least, I think I am. Everything has its place in my house and in my head, and I tend to think in categories. It makes life manageable; it works for me.

2. I think in absolutes. Things are either black or while; period. I get all uptight when they are grey, because I don’t really know what to stand on.

So when it comes to God, I want to do the same. I want to declare, “That’s how He works.”  Or, “That’s what He is like.”  Or, “That’s what you can expect.” I want little compartments and absolutes; I want to put His ways in neat little boxes with labels on them, like “How God provides,” or “What God does when I cry.”

But God won’t let me. He won’t allow Himself to be categorized.

One time He provides with ravens, another time with water out of a rock, and another time He tells His disciples to go fishing. He had me give away my last potato the day before He brought me a 50 pound bag of the same.

When I am in despair, He sometimes tells me to toughen up, or calls me to repent, and at times He just holds me until I can go on.

When I needed wisdom, He has opened His word to me, and He has also told me to ask for secular help.

When my friend acts in a way that I judge not acceptable, He tells me to get over it.

I can’t figure Him out.  

He has a sense of humor, yet He is the most serious one I know.

He is God Almighty, and He can play like a kid.

He is all about life but doesn’t hesitate to kill.

And at times, He is o.k. with grey.

He won’t be put in a box.

 He is God.

Deal with it, Barbara.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#144 God surprises

#143 My husband praising me

#142 My healed knee

#141 A great kickboxing class this morning

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  1. Ok, I love that you are doing kickboxing. And you said this so well, He certainly doesn’t fit into any of the boxes I would want to put Him in. My personality is the opposite of yours, nothing feels absolute except the truth of who He is in the Word. It’s the only thing I know to stand on when most of life hangs in shades of grey.


  2. Barb, I recently read a book where it said that we always seem to stive for balance. But balance is not what God wants, because when we balance things we get to control what gets compartmentalized, just like you said. Instead we should strive for a well-ordered heart, ready for God’s interruptions and plan.
    There is a little bit of a relief in knowing we dont’ have to call the shots! :):)


  3. Hitting home with me here. I love being organized too and like things to fit neatly in my squares. But God refuses. I know that’s best, but I need to be more accepting that HIS ways are so much higher than my ways and that’s a wonderful thing! Great post, Barbara.


  4. Hard, isn’t it ? Especially for we organised, systematic thinkers. t’s like we want God to be like us- thankfully He’s not, even though we are made in His image~! I like the surprises He keeps sending my way so I know that He is far above anything our minds can comprehend- it’s exciting that the more we know Him, the more we realise there is to know- it’s like we’re on a never-ending journey towards discovery.


    I absolutely love this post.
    I have read my Bible trying to figure out why God works the way He does.
    and you know what? I’m totally not going to get it. And it doesn’t make sense.
    And that’s gonna have to be okay!
    I LOVE this post!


  6. I too and a recovering from a black and white world…oh how i missed all the colors and beauty He has in this world…grace is like a kaleidoscope…I love looking through the eyes of grace. blessings as He continues to color your world~


  7. Yes, I have learned a lot recently about putting God in a box. My husband, always the wise one, says that when we try to fit God in a box we are trying to control God. Who can capture the wind or harness the waves? Why should we try to control the creator of it all?


  8. Flexibility is my challenge… and, yet, that’s pretty much what most of my ministry is now. Availability. IN FACT, a few years ago when someone asked what our ministry was/could be [they wanted us to become tax-credited, for instance], my husband named our ministry Availability and Flexibility. We didn’t go that tax direction, b/c we didn’t want to end up on the gov’t sight at the wrong time. And, we couldn’t describe it directly. We both do so much of whatever the Lord drops on our plate, and it changes. So both Dave and I have discovered life changing over and over again. Just when we think we’re focusing in one direction, we are shoved around the corner, sometimes going different directions. So, we try to get up and go as called. Hope it works out, and it usually does, but we can’t stick to the daily schedule as we’d like to and had planned to do. God is interesting, to say the least, when using His kids.


  9. This speaks to me as I tend to categorize things and yes I try to figure God out. But I can’t…I just have to accept…by faith and know that He will never forsake me.


  10. I can be so easy to put God in a box. I have to constantly remind myself that His ways are my ways and His thoughts and plans are much better than my own.


  11. Did I write this? 🙂 I’ve journeyed from those boxes to enjoying how God works. When God sees me with a box in my hand (like this week!) He surprises me in ways unthought of–and over in abundance to what I needed.


  12. These are incredibly powerful words. I love how God keeps us on our toes. It is the ultimate courtship, don’t you think? There is never a dull moment! 😉 I’m so glad I found you on NOBH.
    Love and God Bless,


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