There are just what they are:

a sunset,

a sunrise,

a new pair of shoes,

a sky full of birds

and the smile on your face.

Yet when my eyes are open to them being God’s gifts to me personally, everything changes.

The marvelous sunset last night?  It came after I fought with myself all day long and finally came to a place of peace.  I knew that God was in control and I let go.  And then He gave that sunset to me. It is well with my soul.

That breathtaking sunrise this morning?  God’s reminder to me that He will be faithful to be all day long, and then some.

The new shoes I am wearing?  I feel like I walk on air.  And with them I can run, leap, jump and just play.  They make me feel so happy and when I put them on, they declare to me His attention to details.

Oh, and the birds in the sky? They know where to go in the winter, and how to come back in the spring.  They follow the leader, a great dance in the sky. They are intricate, majestic, powerful.  And their song makes my heart sing.  Liquid gold for my soul.

And the smile on your face, it is indeed God’s gift to me.

God’s very specific love notes to me.  They change me from the inside out.  They make me ponder and declare that I am loved from here to heaven and back, all the way to this little plot of land where I dwell.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#153 The evening song of birds in my backyard

#152 The Sunrise over the Maine Coast that took my breath away

#151 The sun setting on Blue Spruce Lake

#150 The joy of being loved from here to heaven and back

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