Death brings Life

Every time.

The seed must die and be buried in dark dirt.  Forgotten, discarded, seemingly lifeless.  And when spring springs forth, the seed comes to life and becomes a living organism–powerful, beautiful, strong and gorgeous.

And the Lamb had to die and be slaughtered by men.  Buried behind the stone.

Forsaken, judged, condemned.

And after three days passed, Life conquered the grave.  Overwhelmed it big time.

And I have to die to the self I hold on to.  Give it up, let it go, bury it deep in the dark.  Then the life of the Son overcomes me and wins.

Every time.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#156 His tender mercies toward me

#155 my oak tree in the backyard

#154 reading glasses

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  1. “I have to die to the self I hold on to.”

    Yep. Every day. And sometimes I don’t go down easily. Lord, have mercy.

    Those reading glasses – they are one of His tender mercies toward me. 🙂 I hate the inconvenience of glasses, but I love being able to see.


  2. […] Going home is what I think about when I need to remember that I am loved. Not that I don’t know that I am, but when the feelings aren’t there and everything seems to be caving in on me, I draw deep comfort from knowing that there is a day coming when I will forever be in His arms. […]


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