Fear and Faith

Fear and Failure, Faith and Fantastic…

The words easily roll off my tongue, I could turn them into a song:

“Fear goes with failure, Faith is fantastic.

Fear is for losers, Faith is for winners.”

But I would be lying through my teeth.  Just like so many others who give the subtle message that fear is bad and faith is easy and always good.  Because it’s just a bit more complicated than that…

Fear in itself isn’t wrong, or evil, or to be shunned.  I am afraid of being burnt, or caught, or tortured.  It keeps me making sound decisions most days.  But when fear paralyzes me because my mind has somehow been make a prisoner of it, like the fear of driving in traffic or the fear of giving a phone call, I am in trouble.  I must give myself a good old talking to and work against it with all that is in me.

It’s all relative, isn’t it?  We ought to have perspective rather than make rushed judgments on people, situations and choices.

Faith in itself isn’t right, or beautiful, or to be sought after.  Faith in the lottery, or in my ability to defeat gravity, or in my superpowers is just plain stupid.  The lack of it keeps me going to work, grounded on the earth, and humble most days.  But faith in my God causes me to soar like an eagle, to walk and not get tired, to run and not become weary.  Faith in His promises drives me forward and gives me a future.  And that is just plain excellent.

It’s all relative, isn’t it?  We ought to have perspective rather than make rushed judgments on people, situations and choices.  Maybe that should be the theme of the song… but you really wouldn’t want me to sing it; sometimes, you just have to know what you’re not so good at.  That’s common sense.

And isn’t that what’s needed, instead of blanket statements?

I’ll take some common sense, thank you very much.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#163 The sun peeking through my dusty window this morning

#162 The exhilarating feel of a great workout

#161 The trust of a friend with a precious secret

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  1. This is the topic of my heart this year! We will have fear… we’re human… it’s what we do with it that counts, right?! And faith… the lack of it and need for more of it keeps us coming to the source for more 🙂 Great post, many Blessings!


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