July 2012 Letter–Dear Stars,

I love you! 

In the early hours of these hot summer nights, I often sit on my patio and wait for you.  And then you appear, one by one.  And I think about how far, how brilliant, and how powerful you are. You twinkle in the vast evening sky with such majesty. You shine unashamed, night after night, no matter what. Sometimes I cannot see you, yet you are still there, just hidden by the clouds. I love to think about that: you are still there, just hidden…

You dance in the sky, and you cause my heart to dance as well. At the end of my bad days you shine, and at the end of my wonderful days you shine.  You simply take your place and do who you are.   

Each one of you is just one, yet powerful and strong. Some of you are brighter, bigger, softer. You are the work of art of The Creator up above. He named each single one of you, grouping you into breathtaking patterns that we call constellations. You cause me to imagine, and to dream, and to think big, and bigger still.  And you keep on becoming. 

Scientists have attempted to dissect you, number you, draw diagrams of you, catalog you. Yet you remain untamed, mysterious, full of dream and hopes.  Breathless beauty in the sky up above.  

I wait for you at night. Within a few minutes you show up in full force, and I can’t help but stare as I become enveloped with the majesty of what you are. I cannot help but declare the greatness of your maker.  

A few moments with you, and I remember how small I am in this galaxy I am a part of.  A few moments with you, and I remember that He named you one by one, and that He counts the very hair on my head.  A few moments with you, and I remember that He is in control of all there is.  

And I remember to breathe deep, and to declare His faithfulness.

Thank you for all the joy you bring to me, 


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