Early Morning Secrets

It’s dark out there, and my sleepy body longs to remain in the warmth of my bed under the feathery comforter.  But I know better.

I rub my heavy eyes and lace my shoes.  Double knotted, that’s what works for me.  It looks chilly out there in this early summer morning.  I grab a long sleeve shirt just in case I would need it.

I gently close the door behind me and venture into the dawn of the day before it can be called dawn.  I inhale deeply in the cool morning air.

Me and You, Lord.

I know He is waiting for me; this is our meeting place. As I walk through the streets of my neighborhood in the early hours of the day, I welcome Him in the deepest parts of me.

Nothing is off limits. He is comfortable there.  So we walk.  And we talk.  With words, and without words.

He knows all of my secrets.  But I delight in telling Him.  And He delights in listening.

And then I listen–wisdom enters my being.

The darkness of the night makes way for the dawn of day.  My steps are taking me back to the place that I call home.  I inhale deeply and notice that my breath is stronger. Invigorated.  And I know that my heart bears the imprint of its Maker.

He touched me.

The Lover of my soul has fed me my portion today.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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#171 My early Morning Meetings with God

#170 The Voice of God in my Heart

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#168  the quiet Presence of God in the early Morning

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  1. Beautiful, Barbara! You have beautifully captured the joy and intimacy of those early morning hours alone with God.


  2. I began walking [again, after a long stretch of time] just last Monday. Left at a reasonable time in the morning and, even with us hitting 100 degs 4 days last week, I was home before the mid-80s were hitting us. The neat part? It was a worship and praise time, a praying and glorifying time. Nothing interrupting and my brain not being so easily side-tracked. Couldn’t today, b/c I needed to help some of my Bhutanese “families” and it was too hot later. But tomorrow, YES! That’s my new phase. [I used to do prayer walking for quite a long stretch of time, but life switched and a terrible winter a couple years ago got me off the possibility. I’m hoping to be back at it again regularly. Praying to my Lord and praising is one thing; seeing what aspects of a neighborhood need to be prayed over is so important. Love it when He reveals those needs to me.]

    Thanks. You just prodded me forward. Again.


  3. so far i was thinking that a prayer is only by kneeling down in a closed room, but u made me to feel different that a prayer is more than that, walking, talking and sharing to our heavenly father everything as we do to our worldly father.
    thank u barabara for opening my eyes.


  4. […] Because me knowing God was the most impossible thing on planet earth; my sin had me as far away from God as a person could be. Yet God Himself made a way where there was absolutely no way to be made. He sent Jesus to take my place, to bear the judgement that was to be mine, to bear the brunt of God’s anger. He became my scapegoat. Literally. […]


  5. […] Taking my daily walk is akin to sitting with God for 40 minutes every day. He always knows how to speak to me, pointing out certain areas of my life/thinking that need to be addressed,or letting me know how much He enjoys being with me, or speaking to me truths that make my heart overflow with joy. […]


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