More? Yes indeed

A few months back, I wrote about “More.”

But it would not let me go, so I wrote some more about “More.”

And Joe Pote wrote the following comment: “Hmmm…No, I definitely want more! My current discipline focus is not on minimizing the want, but rather on amplifying and directing the want…becoming more intentional in managing my competing desires. I want more of Christ! I want more of grace toward others! I want more wisdom and insight! I want to reflect more of Christ’s glory! And as other lesser desires compete with these, I want less of those…so I can have more of my deepest desires.” 

Which totally threw me off.

I had never considered the other side of the coin.  I forgot that there are always more than one way of looking at things. And there are riches and truths on both sides; amazing.

So my quest for balance in the “More” is still ongoing.  And maybe the bottom line is this: what I really want is

More of Him and less of me.

More of what He offers that He might be glorified in me, and less of what my flesh thirsts for.

And the key for the less of me might simply be to embrace the more of Him. I might I am on my way to getting this right.  Thanks, Joe!

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp 

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