Wednesday’s W: What’s Important changes with Time

Lollipops, and having a turn, and a nice dress and a smile from the teacher

A look from the boys, an outfit that looks cute, giggles in the night, and a book that’s too good to put down



A ride to the party, a few cigarettes, music to die for, and secrets in the night



Someone who gets me, philosophy until 3 am, communal living and big boots that look cool.


The perfect graduation, the dream wedding, the cute little house, candlelight dinners for two


Baby’s brand new tooth, T-ball in the summer, watermelon seed spitting contest and the magic of Christmas

Phone calls late at night, discussions too heated, the first driving lesson, and schedules way too tight.


The aches and lovelinesses of the empty nest


The hunger for little ones


The hope for more time


The fear of the end

The joy at the end.


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#188 The Awareness of Time

#187 Sunrise on my patio

#186 an email from my daughter letting me know she is strong in the storm

#185 a lazy Sunday afternoon



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