I thoroughly enjoy this summer weather.  Everything in me wakes up when the sun is shining; nothing seems quite as bad.  I breathe deep and I love it.  I wish it would last forever.  And I find myself already dreading the winter…

But then, I force myself to remember that winter isn’t all that bad; there is Christmas, and beautiful snow storms, and hot cocoa and fireplaces.  And winter is necessary–nature sleeps, and prepares for what is to come.

Spring ushers in the summer, and summer’s glory is the bounty of fall.  Fall prepares us for winter months in which all of nature readies for spring–like pearls in a necklace, they each have their place in the circle of nature.  We can’t have one without the other, and most importantly, we need each one.

The Creator knew best.

And so it is with seasons of my life.

The Creator knows best.

And it is very good.

I only get in trouble when my enjoyment of one makes me dread the next.  It’s not that I don’t want the next, it’s more that I don’t want this one to stop.  So the key once more lies in savoring the moments, and recognizing that grace only dwells in today.  There is no grace for living in in tomorrow.

And so it is in my very own life.

And it is very good.

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