Wednesday’s W: Who is the person you respect the most and why?

This really is not an easy question…

As for me, the person I respect the most is a woman in my church whose life is anything but easy.  In the natural, she would have every reason to pout and/or be depressed.  Yet her relationship with Jesus is such that she guards her tongue and drinks of joy and faith day in and day out.  Her name is Walsa, and it is an honor to be her friend.

What about you?

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#208 Walsa

#207 those who show me how to walk with Jesus in the midst of difficult times

#206 My birds eating at the Bird Feeder 



  1. WOW!! I really cannot point to one person, although you made a most excellent choice. I see facets of the Lord is so many of my friends. One is such a tower in one area and needs help in another, just like me. I love beautiful things and God in His lovingkindness has given me a bouquet, with one flower more beautiful than another. Your pick in most definitely in my bouquet but so are you, dear friend.


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