The volcanic revelation that my heart is not as beautiful as I hoped it would be could drive my soul in utter despair; but I am choosing to speak to this soul of mine with all my strength:

Don’t despair, o my soul; your Savior has not changed.

Don’t despair, o my soul, His love can heal you still.

The God-given insight that causes me to understand that all of my wants are shallow at best and that all of my chasing has been for purposeless dreams could cause me to sit and cry myself to death; but I am choosing to declare the truth I know deep within my soul:

Don’t despair, o my soul, your Savior’s on the throne.

Don’t despair, o my soul, His love can build you still.

Oh, the depth of my sorrow when I see my needy self and the rocks that the Spirit must still extract from my heart

Oh, the height of my grief when nakedness is revealed and I only can weep for what I haven’t received yet…

But to the truth I will stick, and will declare once more:

Don’t despair, o my soul, the King is on the scene.

Don’t despair, o my soul, His love is greater still.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#217 Time for a walk in the woods on a hot summer day

#216 the smell of the bread baking for tonight’s supper

#215 The wind chime in my yard singing so happily

#214 a phone call from my daughter

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