Delightful Encounter

Walking quietly on a lovely country road close to Bridgewater, VA, I was thoroughly enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Ridge Moutains in the background. My heart  swelled with thankfulness to my God for such a wonderful moment.

I heard a voice and giggles, so I turned my head toward the happy sounds. An older woman in a wide white straw hat was petting a large goat across a rickety fence, whispering things in her ear, and giggling. She stopped when she saw me and blushed.  “I love my goats, you know,” she said apologetically.

I smiled, sorry to have intruded upon her, sorry that she felt she had to explain herself.

I love that you love your goat, Lady.  And I love that you see the beauty in your goat.  And even more, I love that you enjoy the gifts in your life.

I love that I met you and you made me smile.  I love the simplicity of real, tangible, sweet everyday moments.

“Oh, how precious that is,” I quickly answered with a smile, trying to put her at ease.  I asked if I could take a picture of her and her goat.  She blushed again and agreed.

I walked back to the lovely Bed and Breakfast and headed right to the fenced-in area.  Didn’t Scott and Dixie say they had a goat called Sugar?  Yep, there she was!

“Sugar,” I called, “”Sugar, come up here!” The goat looked up.  She assessed me for a few moments, then trotted toward me.  She climbed up on the fence and let me pet her. Her fur was rough, and it felt wonderful. She looked at me, begging for a more thorough pet.  I obliged and scratched behind her ears. I think she smiled.

And she made me happy.

I understand you, Lady in a wide white straw hat.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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#219 my goat moment in Virginia

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  1. Fun story! Way to seize the moment! My best friend had a goat growing up that went everywhere with her. 🙂

    I host a linkup on Wednesday called WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday. We would love for you to join us!
    Mary Beth


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