Sometimes, the minutes stretch miserably and I wonder when the hour will finally be over. Like when I wait at the dentist, or the OB-GYN.  It’s rare, but it happens. But at times, I turn around and the hour is over, and I wonder how that is even possible. Like when my kids come home and we talk, or I take a walk with Jesus, or I watch a really good movie.


It’s the same 60 minutes, isn’t it?



What makes the time go fast, or what makes it seemingly go slower?  Is it the fact that my attention is on those I love? Is it that I am simply enjoying –or dreading–them moment?  I expect that the answer has something to do with concentration, and love, but I don’t have it together.

But tell me, when does the time seem to fly for you?  



Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp


#229 burgers on the grill

#228 looking forward to another year rather than dreading it

#227 my husband listening to me

#226 Planning a trip

#225 An afternoon with friends