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Everything in me wants to stay home and dig into my book.  But He calls me.  Like He does every day.  It’s that time of day when God and I meet together and talk things out; when He fills me with the strength I need; when He straightens some of the crookedness in my soul, and He infuses me with Himself.

It’s the time I can’t breathe without.

But today, I just don’t wanna go. I am lazy. I don’t wanna lace my shoes, get in my car, drive to the spot where I park and then start walking up the hill and talk with Him.  It’s hot; I am tired, and my book is calling my name.

But I go.

Begrudgingly, I go.  I go because I know it’s the right thing to do, and I go because I would feel guilty otherwise.  Not very good motives, but I go anyway.  I show up.

And when I get there, He is waiting for me.

He takes me deep into the woods, one little step at a time, and He gently begins to wash my mind, and my heart, and even my soul with His sweet presence.

I cannot hold on to my pout.

My tiredness is swept away as He tells me of His love for me.

I drink Him in.

I breathe Him in.


His heart is filling me.  His life within awakens me.  And I can’t help but giggle like a school girl. I raise my hands to the sky and twirl and twirl and twirl until I am dizzy with joy.

It is well with my soul.

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