Wednesday’s W: Which Beauty am I seeking?

I realize that our view of what is beautiful changes with time, and that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but I think that I can safely say that all human beings were created with a thirst for beauty.

Beauty is peaceful. Beauty creates harmony.

Beauty has a way of healing us.

Which beauty makes you happy? Outside beauty?  Inward beauty? Nature’s beauty? Beauty of soul? Body beauty?

One way or another, we all seek beauty.  And the kind of beauty we individually seek determines a lot.  It has everything to do with the kind of life we will live.

Which kind of beauty are you seeking?

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#253 Zucchini pizza

#251 Hummingbirds

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#250 Teatree shampoo

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  1. Beauty draws my attention towards God. I love the amazing macro pics some bloggers take showing the intricate designs of flowers or insects and butterflies. Beautiful scenery also draws my heart into worship. A thing of beauty is a joy forever- how amazing Heaven will be- unimaginable beauty forever.


  2. Thanks for your thoughts on beauty today. I have deep gratitude to a kind Father and Heaven who has blessed us with such a beautiful world with beautiful people inside an dout. Loved this one. I enjoyed the video; my Dad was a rancher and farmer for many years. I think he felt just like the man in the video.


  3. Barbara,
    Congratulations on your Liebster, via Amber, from one proud Glorious Cracked Pot to another. On this post….”Beauty has a way of healing us.” just became my Facebook status for the day, and you’re quoted. I also tweeted it with a link here. That needs to be shared.
    Peace, good, and congrats!


  4. These days I am searching out the beauty of Christ in all things. I am learning to see with new eyes all of creation as beautiful.


  5. Barbara, Your post made me think about how something inside of me leaps when I see something exquisitely beautiful. I believe it is “all creation testifying” of God and his handiwork. If beauty on this fallen, broken earth is breathtaking, oh my, how shall we stand it in Heaven? I’m visiting from Be Not Weary ( and so glad I did!


  6. “And the kind of beauty we individually seek determines a lot. It has everything to do with the kind of life we will live.” This is soooo true! As I’ve searched for different beauty throughout my life, I see this mapped out so clearly. Ha! A real eye opener isn’t it?


  7. I love finding beautiful souls. They may be hidden in an aged body, a small child or a busy mother. Souls that love, encourage and live out servanthood every day.


  8. Beauty….beauty in the creations God gives us! I love looking around my day and seeing what beauty God shows me in the world He created! We’re neighbors Beholding Glory 🙂


  9. Always seeking internal beauty. Trying to look nice on the outside, at least enough to just have people be receptive in our culture, BUT the important part is a kind and focused life on our dear Lord. Nothing else counts. [And I need to pay attention.]


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