They messed with me and cheated me and acted as though nothing was wrong. They robbed me and treated me like an idiot, thinking I wouldn’t see and react.

And my blood boils on the inside of me.  And I want to scream.  And hit someone. Hard. Or break something. How dare they? Don’t they know who they are dealing with? I’ll show them, I’ll…

But He would not let me.

Because it’s not about what I have or don’t have, what I lost or gained, how I was treated or not.  It’s about living as an alien in the world and being an ambassador to another Country that is my Home.

So I call upon the Lord that I might not sin with my mouth, my mind or my actions; that I might represent Him well in this situation.  And I feed myself with obedience instead of choosing to retaliate.

No, they really don’t know who they are dealing with. They probably think that they got away with it, and that I never noticed.

My flesh hates it.

I don’t want people to think I’m stupid.

But I choose to lay it all down at His feet. The anger, and the temptation for revenge, and the humiliation. I trade it all for peace with God.

So I look like a loser. But I won at the game of life.  My heart is not stained.  It’s good enough for me.

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