When Feeling Small…

Remember this…. the King has called for you!

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#267 my bills paid

#266 A good sweaty workout

#265 Knowing that He values me



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  1. So touched my heart. Rarely, if ever, had that as a child. If my Heavenly Father hadn’t broken through in a loving fashion, I still wouldn’t understand the heart of a father. Believe me, I do now!! Nearly teary while watching this and filled with heavy sighs. BUT, also so appreciative of my FATHER! [And some day when I’m in heaven, my dad who had come to the Lord shortly before his death 28 years ago, will be there ready to give me a hug. YIPPEE!!]


      • You probably have read my posts re: my parents. They were both alcoholics and life was horrific for my family. AND both came to the Lord. My Dad not too very long before his serious illnesses; my Mom came to the Lord when she was 80, after 50 years of alcoholism, and died last year at 90. What a blessing that the Lord was able to break through their walls and become their Savior. So happy for you. So happy your dad took that step, too. Bet you want to hit that lovely “hug time” when you reach his new Home. God is so kind to us.


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