Last Summer, my friend Rebekah wrote a really cool facebook post entitled: “what we did this summer and why my house is a mess.” I loved it so much that I wrote a blog post of my own about my summer.  

Well, she did it again and it made me want to do it again as well. So here we go.

This summer, I went to NYC for the first time, saw the Statue of Liberty, ordered in French at a French Restaurant, made friends with a Bulldog called Newman, went to see the Stay Human Band at Joe’s Pub, counted stars while in the hot tub, petted a goat named Lilly, went to a winery, saw my youngest son’s new home, went to a Peach festival with my daughter, froze herbs, grew tomatoes and butternut squash, worked out in the woods, worked out in the heat, worked out in my bra, made dinner for friends, ate sushi for the first time, loved much, wrote a lot, read a lot, prayed a lot, walked miles and miles and miles while listening to my ipod, had long conversations with my husband, got soaked at a baseball game, smiled to a stranger, went to a picnic, stayed in a Bed and Breakfast, watched birds at the bird feeder, bought a custom-made table, met my oldest son’s girlfriend, fell in love with my oldest son’s girlfriend, made ice cream, wrote out two condolence cards, cleaned the car out, moved furniture, went to Virginia, listened to two books on CD, weeded, made up new recipes, went to a pesto party, went to a clam bake, went to Church potlucks, talked on the phone, laughed on the phone, prayed on the phone, cried on the phone, had wine with friends, listened to children giggle, giggled with children, bought new sheets, figured out what’s important in life (for now at least), had two surprise visits from my kids, one for Mother’s Day and one for my birthday, got revelation from God concerning the body of Christ, washed windows, planned a retirement trip, fell in love with life, fell in love with Jesus all over again, went on the Gateway Clipper in Pittsburgh, received twelve gifts to open on my birth-day each month of the coming year,  gave a lecture on food not being the enemy, ate a Japanese Fondue, saw Wicked, Memphis and Sister Act on Broadway, worshiped God, read the Hunger Games, grew black-eyed Susans, got a new website, burned candles, bought candles, blew candles, made messes, cleaned up messes, sat around a fire ring, got my first iphone, learned to listen better, joked around with my workout buddies, saw a really big storm, started to memorize Scriptures, breathed a lot, slept a lot, laughed a lot.

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