Memorizing Scriptures

Oh, how I don’t want to do this–too much work for my tired brain.  Memorizing Scriptures? I failed the last time I tried, you know…

But Holy Spirit is calling, so I am beginning.

It feels like I am being stretched like plastic wrap on a bowl a bit too small. And each week, I must add another verse or two; oh my goodness!

One tiny step, but I am taking it–delightful view.

One tiny word at a time, but I am swallowing it–sweet as honey.

One string of words at a time, but I made them mine–I feel so rich.

One verse at a time, but I am owning it–treasure from heaven.

And they are doing me such good, those words that are being stretched upon my mind; and it is strengthening me, that Word that feels like a blanket upon my heart; and it is making me come alive, that Life that surrounds me when I go left, or right, or when I just stand here.

And then, all of a sudden, I remember.

I remember that when I was a child in Belgium, we never used the word  “memorize.”  At school, we were required to “learn by heart.”

Learn by heart. 

And then I see it.

I am learning to know Him by heart. By my heart.

I am working on letting His Word fill that heart of mine so full that it will be reshaped.

I am learning to live by that new heart He has placed in me.

I am learning by heart. By my heart.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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  1. Barbara, I so enjoyed your post today! It resignated so with my age group, being 61. I too was taught to “learnby heart!” I haveno ink in my copier; but I will not be defeated. I wrote it word for word in my notebook! Your words were so much like I feel. I can’t believe I am doing this, memorizing finally! I am also reading through the Bible in 90 days & that is pushing too! You have a gift, girl! To write!


  2. Learning to know Him by heart, I love that. I often have this picture of being in a bunker in the end times without a bible and all I know to do is lean into the verses I’ve known from heart, knowing they will carry me through despair.


  3. Just thought of something else… I just finished reading Elizabeth Musser’s trilogy of the crosses. In the last book, a woman from a Muslim family, now a Christian, is forced back to her homeland and kept as a virtual prisoner until they can marry her off to a Muslim. She has been in a Christian church where they memorized the word, and stripped of her bible, she begins to write the memory verses out on toilet paper so she can keep them in her heart. That moved me so much. How we need to get His word inside us…


  4. I love the way in which you walked obediently through the memorization and yet you were so encouraged by the remembering it in your heart. Faith like a child. I am the worst at memorization, but you give hope, encouragement and inspiration to step into it also. Thanks for your words.


  5. We also used the term learn by heart and I hadn’t thought of it in years. His word on and in our hearts – can’t get any better than that!


  6. Loved this! I needed the nudge, too – I’ve been lazy lately. My mother was so faithful in this, when we were children, creatively and consistently helping us memorize Scripture. She gifted me with a literal mental library of thousands of Bible verses and passages that God brings to mind throughout my days to bolster me in so many ways. I am afraid my own children will not be so fortunate.

    By the way, have you discovered through Ann? I love it, as I’m an typist and a “word” person, so it is an easy way to get the verses into my brain. You might want to check it out! I use it on my iPhone whilst waiting for appointments, in lines, and such.


  7. Good way of describing it. Sometimes what’s in our heart remains solidly, even when our mind is flitting around, trying hard, but not able to give a “forever” place. You’ve got me “hmm-ing”… which is always a good thing. Thanks.


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