LASIK Surgery

It was so enticing… no more contacts, no more glasses, perfect vision; and just so scary–they were going to cut a flap into my cornea and use a laser to reshape my eye.

It took me years to save up pennies and courage to go for it. And then it was a process of about four months in which I tried different kinds of mono-vision lenses until my vision was perfect; weeks without my contacts so that my cornea could get back to its natural shape; pages of paperwork to sign; a huge check to write.

And here I was.  They were going to cut my eye open while I was awake.  What was I thinking? The knot in the pit of my stomach was getting tighter and my breathing a little shallower. But I knew God was for me, with me, helping me.  Yet…

I purposefully listened to my worship music while waiting for them to call me into the operation room.  “This is a day to rejoice,” I heard.  Yes, Lord.  This is a day to rejoice.

I willingly lowered myself unto the chair and gave my eyes not to the surgeon, but to the Lord.  He who made me would keep me.  I took deep breaths and let them cut my eyes open while I continually kept the eyes of my spirit on Him who loves me.  And then, there was a short moment when I lost my vision–they said it would happen, but still… my mind wanted to lose control.  Yet the eyes of my heart were wide open, and I saw the Lord with me, every step of the way, holding my very eyes by His power.

Perfect sight is such a precious, precious gift.  I now see perfectly out of both eyes.  Up close and far away. This is simply remarkable.

I see tiny leaves in the trees across my yard.

Vibrant colors seem to explode all over the place.

My heart is filled with thankfulness to the One who took me through to the other side.

And I can’t help but wonder what perfect spiritual sight must be like–the ability to judge rightly, to see as He sees, to love as He does, to not be stained by this place; to see the details of His love in the lives of people all around; to recognize His kindness in the every day events of life. But I understand that that kind of sight doesn’t come from eyes that see well; the surgery necessary is at a heart level, and is a continual one.  This kind of sight is birthed in hearts that value His Word, that seek His Presence, that yield to who He is.

I rejoice greatly in the knowledge that the day will come when the perfect will swallow the imperfect and we will see Him as He is.  Until then, may we continually let Him do in us the necessary heart surgeries that we might see more and more clearly.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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  1. Oh, Barbara, again you bring the beauty of Christ to us. Thank you for sharing your journey and love with us. I am so thankful for you! Joyfully celebrating your sight, both physically and spiritually with you! Hugs!!!


  2. I absolutely held my breath as I read. I love the saving up pennies and courage. Brilliant! I’ve heard it said, first in the natural, then in the spiritual. God is giving us all greater vision, if we’re willing… I love how He’s weaving our words together in community – heart (kardia), yield (pruning) and Presence (abiding).

    Thank you for this gift today.


  3. Not sure I have courage to try that, but oh for perfect vision! I do get sick of how neither my glasses or contacts give me perfect vision… now having to wear reading glasses over the contacts, and my glasses never being in the right spot of the lense… I’ve had contacts that were ultra strong before and I could see each detail of every leaf until adjusted… so can imagine! Great spiritual analogy too! Blessings on this new miracle in your life!


  4. Great post! I was this close to having Lasik, but at the very last minute they couldn’t do it because of the test results. I had been praying that if this would not be good for me God would stop it, but it’s still disappointing. I look forward to the day when I can see clearly immediately upon opening my eyes!


  5. My son in law had the surgery. I was turned down. So happy for the brightness and clarity of your world. And of the “heart surgeries that will help us see more and more clearly.”


  6. Oh that we could all have perfect spiritual sight. God obviously used your experience to pull you towards him and improve your vision.
    Thanks for sharing your story with us.


  7. What a blessing. I have two friends, including an older baby boomer, who have had it done and, overall, are quite glad. And even more of a blessing – God’s presence so richly present throughout. have a blessed Word-Filled Wednesday.


  8. Hmm! Good timing. I have an eye appointment tomorrow morning. Don’t know what the tests will be or how they will be done. The problem is that when I’m walking, doing too much [cleaning, yard work, etc.] I tend to get double vision for a few minutes or an hour after sitting to rest. Not sure where this will go, but, as you were describing, all I can do is trust the Lord. Putting my heart in His hand [and my eyes, of course] is all I can do.


  9. Yay for perfect (physical) vision! This, however, will stick with me: “I rejoice greatly in the knowleI rejoice greatly in the knowledge that the day will come when the perfect will swallow the imperfect and we will see Him as He is.

    Visiting from Internet Cafe Devotions.


  10. That is awesome! I love the way you tied this all together! Thanks for sharing and linking up with Wisdom Wednesdays 😉 Blessings!


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