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October 2012 Letter–Dear Books,

I hardly could wait to write this letter.

My love for you certainly surpasses my love for most of the objects that are a part of my life. You look good, you feel good, you smell good, you make me feel alive.

You have been such faithful companions throughout my life.  You have been there in the lonely seasons, allowing me to feel cared for. You have been with me when my sanity depended on shutting out the ugliness all around and finding momentary relief.

I have found joy in you, and excitement, and sadness and fear.  

You have shaped my view of life, and this world, and people.  

You have forced me to question my strong opinions. 

You have opened my mind and stretched me to the limit.

You know how to energize me, exhaust me, refresh me, and even put me to sleep.

You have given me insight in things too marvelous for me.

You have caused me to stand up for what is right, true and honorable.

You give beauty to my soul while developing in me a thirst for harmony not yet found.  You know how to feed me daily while leaving me hungry for more. 

Your million words have sung with me, breathed on me and with me; they have danced with me, and cried with me. They have dared me and given me wings.

Your million words have enticed me to craft some of my own. Your million words have  make me happy. Your million words have made me me.

Thank you for all that you are to me,


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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