Bucket Lists

I used to have a very long bucket list = things I wanted to do before I kick the bucket. It included:

Going on a safari in Africa,

Jumping off of an airplane,

Owning a lake house,

Running a marathon (check!)

and a whole lot of other things, experiences and accomplishments that I thought were necessary in order to have lived a full life.

But at some point, I somehow threw that type of bucket list away. It just wasn’t that important any more. I hope it’s not that I don’t have spunk anymore-I actually think it’s a mixture of age, perspective, and life-lived experience. I don’t need that particular bucket list to make me feel alive, or excited about what is to come. Life has a way of changing my perspective.

I still have a bucket list, but its feel is different now.

So, in no particular order, here is my partial New and Improved Bucket List = things I long to affect this place with before I leave this place:

~Pay for a well that provides water for a village in Africa

~See my children walk fully with Jesus

~Go for a walk in the fields with my grand’children and discover the beauty of nature through their eyes

~Fund at least one international adoption, and hopefully many more

~Lay my hands on the sick and they shall recover

~See my mother saved

~Know that I have been useful in the lives of my friends

~Excel at the joy of being content

~Overcome my fear of traffic driving

~Be the best motivator that I can be

~Love well

~Eradicate someone’s debt

And the list goes on…

Some of these are accomplished, some are in the process of being done, and some seem so far away, unreachable almost.  But that’s the exciting thing about a bucket list–it’s never over till it’s over.

What about you? Do you have one? What’s in it?

PS–Shortly after I wrote this post and filed it away for a later publishing date, Ann Voskamp wrote a fantastic post on her  poured bucket list= things I thank God for having… I think I have a lot more to learn on the subject!

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

# 323 Him loving me when I am unlovable

# 322 Belgian cookies

# 321 A Pedicure that took away most of my rough heel skin

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  1. Oh, Barbara,
    My bucket list item would be started off with ~having a heart as full of love and joy as yours! Thank you for sharing! I agree that our bucket lists change over time and yours is a wonderful list to aspire to.


  2. Barbara,
    “it’s not over ’til it’s over.” And I hope, pray, seek, strive for, that the end, which is really the beginning, will end/begin with the words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” Now that’s a full bucket 🙂 Visiting from Be Not Weary today and glad I did.


  3. Great list and congrats on running a marathon!! I like that your interested in helping someone pay for an adoption. We have six children, all through international adoption, there are so many more who need families. November is National Adoption Month and I’m planning lots of adoption related stuff on my blog. Have a great weekend.


  4. Well, Barbara, thanks so much for stopping by and what a simply delightful blog you have. I have so enjoyed browsing through it and I simply love your slant on a “bucket list.” How profound! Do hope you will stop back by sometime.


  5. You know, as people I’ve loved since childhood are passing away, more and more I realize how fleeting life is… how urgent are the things on our lists that count for eternity… Thanks for sharing your beautiful list! And I agree in prayer for your mom! God has been consoling me with the promise of “if you ask anything in my name….” and how He will not let go of those we “claim” for him!


  6. Barbara,

    I think your shift in perspective comes from a heart more closely yielded to God, which has less to do with age and more to do with Him. Each item made me smile. I’m certain they make Him smile as well.


  7. I found your post on BEst Posts of the Week. What you’ve said makes a lot of sense to me. While we can still wish for wild and crazy experiences, peace, joy, health, salvation, giving, etc. are the things that will give us the ultimate satisfaction.


  8. I think I need to make one of these….it seems like it would be good for the soul! Thank you for sharing! We’re neighbors today again 😉 Blessings!


  9. I chuckled when I saw, on your first bucket list, jumping from an airplane–because once I thought I wanted to experience sky diving. Yesterday, out driving, seeing a hang glider in a precarious position reminded me of that and of how utterly silly that old desire seems to me now. Someday, instead, I’m going to travel to the most amazing place of all, flying high, and a bucket list like your second one prepares for that trip way better and leaves so much better stuff behind than could anything on my own once-earthly-bucket list!


  10. Wow – I love this list! All things definitely worth spending time and energy on. Love the goal of funding an adoption – we’re in the process of adopting and the gifts we’ve been given from friends and family are priceless!


  11. I find this very inspirational as someone who has not really been able to have a lot of the experiences I thought I might have. I married young and started a family young. While my kids are only 10 and 13 now, I realize my list could look a lot like yours if we never get to that place where finances will afford a fancy bucket list. I like yours. Maybe I’ll borrow it in case I need it later on 🙂


  12. HI Barbara

    What a FABULOUS post… what are the odds of us coming up with the same topic within a day of each other? Must have been Divine Inspiration! 🙂

    You have SUCH a beautiful heart! Be sure to stop by for a chance to win a copy of No Greater Love. It goes with your goal of funding an international adoption agency!

    Have a wonderful week and thanks for joining us for Friendship Friday at

    Create With Joy


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