Parasites–eew, gross!

Wouldn’t it be nice if diseases of the heart were entities that just are, like a plate on a table? We could judge them as such, and then simply discard them.

But heart-diseases are alive.

They are like little bugs that feed on the organism they live in.  And they evolve over time; sometimes they take us over, all the way through from the body to the mind, eating away at the core of our being, crippling all that we are.

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If left unchecked, they become a demanding master, dictating what we can or cannot do, say, think, choose, plan.  We then become their prisoner, their personal slave.

Diseases of the heart are like poison. Once we let them in, they are in there for real, even if it’s the tiniest little drop of disease. The little bugs start feeding on us, eating away who we are from the outside in: our flesh, our confidence, the very canvas of our soul.  They get hungrier and bolder with each bite, never satisfied, never quitting until they have sucked all the life out of us. That is what they are, that is what they do. It’s their nature–they are parasites.

And just as they feed off of us, we sometimes wind up feeding off of them. The result isn’t pretty; our thinking becomes distorted, our sight is polluted, our judgment tainted.

This is certainly true concerning the Yeahbut disease. It twists everything. It is alive and feeds off of us, changing us from people of peace to people who are suspicious, cranky, self-involved and just plain nasty.

But there is good news: heart-diseases come with an antidote, the remedy that counteracts the effects of their poison. This is joy to my soul.

And the remedy is so ridiculously simple that it can be easily overlooked, just as simple pure water is the solution for thirst. How often I have tried to deal with thirst by eating food, or drinking soda, or coffee, or taking a nap when the cure lies in a simple drink of water?

The remedy so often is summed up in seven little words found in the book of Job,

“Yield now and be at peace.” (Job 22:21)

Yield to God and not to self; you will be at peace. The instant you do, the disease is powerless and the parasites disappear.

It’s a simple choice. Agree with God.

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  1. Love this! 🙂 So true that peace can be found in the midst of fighting ourselves! Thank you for sharing and linking up at Simply Helping Him! 🙂 Blessings!


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