Be Careful How You Grow Up

Top Ten Reasons to Be Careful How You Grow Up:

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1. Grown-ups take themselves too seriously

2. Grown-ups have forgotten how to play

3. Grown-ups are too tall to see everything beautiful close to the earth

4. Grown-ups don’t jump in puddles

4. Grown-ups eat ice cream way too fast

5. Grown-ups only look with their eyes and forget to look with their hearts

6. Grown-ups never seem to have time for what matters

7. Grown-ups don’t giggle enough

8. Grown-ups spend way too much time thinking about money

9. Grown-ups are too loud and busy to hear God talk

10. Grown-ups seem to have forgotten what really matters, like butterflies and hugs and smiles and holding hands

I don’t want to grow up like them. Will you join me?

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#355 my new water bottle

#354 A brand new baby in our church

#353 An evening alone

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  1. I like 3 especially. Having a toddler is making me appreciate the world from a different view. Thanks for this! (coming to you via Mary Beth)


  2. that’s really cute. What a great reminder 🙂 Having a 16 month old daughter changes my perspective and reminds me to slow down and love life every single day! I’m glad I came over from Carina’s blog. It’s great to meet you!


  3. Great list about why you don’t want to grow up!! It is so true. SOmetimes I wish I could go back to my childhood when we were so carefree. Happy Friendship Friday!!



  4. this is why i love being a grand mother now! time to see the little things again i was too busy for as mother! yeah !!! so wonderful how life always seems to give us a second chance! so what ever you miss the first time round: look at the above list and catch it as soon as you can!


  5. We spend so much time trying to grown up that we forget to pay attention to the imporant things. I’m watching two of my kids embrace the playfulness of snow and remembering all the snow forts I built. Thank you for reminding me.


  6. Good thing I savor eating not just ice cream as if it was my last and laugh my heart out uncaring if another adult looked at me disapprovingly. Besides, laughter should be free.


  7. Grown-ups eat ice cream way too fast – I’m going to remember this one the next time I take my girl out for ice cream. Rather than rushing her maybe I will slow down. Love it!


  8. Barbara…I couldn’t agree with you more. I have a motto: life truly is short and moments are to be seized. We don’t jump in puddles or laugh enough. Thank you for the sweet reminder and for sharing at WJIM. Blessings.


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