It would be so easy to create an online picture of me that is so unlike who I am. Writers can play with words and fool people.  We are good at stirring emotions, portraying characters…But I long to be real in all I do. Transparent. And I am becoming more and more convinced that no one wants to read just another blog about perfect people and perfect lives.

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And no one wants to read another blog filled with information. Because honestly, you don’t need information; you can find out just about anything on the web these days. And you don’t need how-to guides; these are a dime a dozen. And you certainly don’t need to hear about all my woes; you’ve got plenty of your own, I am sure.

I love that you come back here every so often and hang out with me. I know some of you by name now; it’s like we are cyber-friends. But I still wonder: why do you read me?

I guess I must answer that question by answering this one: Why do I read other people’s blogs?

I read blogs because the writer is real. Because I marvel at the depths of their insight into life through their writing. Because they motivate me, make me breathe deep and remember that life is worth living, causes are worth fighting for, children are worth loving, food is fun and smiles are priceless.

I think that I read blogs because of the writer’s transparency. Because I get to know what is inside of their very soul by the words they craft. Because their imperfections make them so similar to me, and I can relate to their struggles, and I cheer them on as they muddle through life, falling and getting up, and sticking around to tell about it.

I think that’s why I read blogs. And honestly, that’s exactly why I write. Because I want to be real down to my toes in front of you, and I want you to see the tears, the victories, the thought processes and the growth. I long for my transparency to be a picture to you that we all fight, and win some and lose some, and laugh, and question, and hurt and cry and heal, are overjoyed, underwhelmed and overwhelmed. We all belong to the family of man, and in a real way, we belong to one another. And I want you to never ever think that you are alone in this world.

That’s it in a nut shell.

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