The Problem is…

I am her personal trainer and I have the privilege of training her every week.

She steps on the treadmill for her warm-up, and I routinely ask her how her week has been. Within about 3 and a half minutes, she tells me what the problem is.  The kids’ coaches don’t know the rules, there is no time to cook dinner, money is tight. No matter what the conversation revolves around, she says, “the problem is…”

And in her mind, the problem indeed is.

But the way I look at it, the coaches seem to be pretty fair, and we all have the same 24 hours, and money tightness has a lot to do with who you compare yourself to.

But the way I look at it really doesn’t matter. Because that’s not the way she looks at it. And she totally believes herself. Every time.

Then we talk about things that are not problematic at all, like the weather, or a television show.  But laced within her conversation I still hear, “the problem is.”  Now the problem is with the actor, and the days being too short.

I have tried to address the issue. But the problem is, there is always someone to blame, and it’s never the person in the mirror.

I love her. But I don’t want to walk in her shoes. I don’t plan to walk in her shoes. Ever.

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  1. hits the nail right on the head!
    until we want to step back to work on the problem, until we are ready to make changes from within there will always be some one else to blame


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