They all laughed at your dream.

She said you could never ever do it. He said you were too shy. Too fat. Too this. Too that. They dismissed you as a loser.

So you hid it in your heart. You refused to let them steal your dream.

You daily nurtured it with hope, and kindness, and support.  It grew.

You looked for the few who did not scoff at you, and sought their company.

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And you stood.  So fragile, yet pregnant with a dream that filled your heart with joy.

And here you are today. Standing tall with your dream in your heart, and your dream in your hands, and your dream in your mouth.  Your dream is shouting loud. Your dream made you a world-changer.

And when one day they lay your body in the ground, it will be emptied of all of its dreams. It will have realized all it was meant to be.

Image Credit: Sidereal

And when one day they lay my body in the ground, may no unfulfilled destiny lay there with me.

May this body in the ground just be the shell leftover of all that I have been. Or what I am in Him.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

# 381 Home made Pumpkin granola gifted to me by my soon to be daughter in law

#380 A shorter day at work today

#379 Fast Internet 

#378 The smile on my husband’s face

#377 The knowledge that I reached someone in pain today

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