December 2012–Dear Holidays

December 2012 Letter–Dear Holidays,

Wrapped in traditions, you faithfully come around the bend of each fall year. You start out with the smell of fall in the air and cinnamon-y treats that I bake with delight. You steadily travel time, wearing the fragrance of family gatherings, beckoning us to once again revel in the taste of home, where life just is. Safe. Good. Real. 

You make me hurry up and slow down all at once. You stir me to creativity and  ignite in me the desire to be generous and dote on those less fortunate than me. The thrill of secret giving makes me feel more alive. And while the snow piles up and it is cold out there, you gently warm the hearts and fill them with quiet peace.

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You bring my children home year after year. We share precious moments laced with long-held traditions that remind us who we were, and are, and you somehow give us hope for who we will become. As each Holiday time comes around, I see how time has changed those precious ones born from my womb. Life experiences have matured them; pain has softened their hearts toward others and hardened them to complaint. And as we sit together, and laugh, giggle and shout, I know they sense the safety of being all together and loved without conditions. 

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My God has done a good thing. I will rejoice and be glad in Him.

Thank you for all that you are to me.


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#384 our Christmas Eve Family Fondue Dinner

#383 St Nicholas who still fills my shoes every 6th of December

#382 my high ceiling that allows me to get a big Christmas tree

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  1. Hi Barbara
    Your words captured my heart with its beauty. I relate 100% with that “hurry up and slow down” for my children also arrived today for the summer holidays. We celebrate Xmas in South Africa amidst the beauty of summer.
    Blessings and a wonder filled Xmas to you and your family


  2. This is my first Christmas with an adult child who is now married and starting her own traditions. I am thankful I will get to see them both at Christmas time and that we all live in the same town. Loved your words today!


  3. hurrying up and slowing down. Yup, you captured it. May we slow to appreciate what the hurried miss, and hurry to seize every good and perfect gift that comes down from above. So glad I visited today.


  4. I’m your neighbor on Intentional.Me. I love your letter. It’s wonderful, and it rings true. I love focusing on those less fortunate rather than creating a huge mass of gifts at our house. We are doing better this year.

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw your Steelers pic. We are from Pittsburgh too. We are huge Steelers fans! I just have to follow since we must both live in Pittsburgh!


  5. what an incredibly beautiful post. my son is asleep in a fort we built today, in lieu of other busy life things, and suddenly I am happy to keep him there, safely in my arms for as long as I can. Cheers to you and yours this Christmas.

    I’m stopping by from An Ephesians 5:33 Wife to say “hi” and to invite you to join for An Aloha Affair, a sweet gathering and growing together of creative souls. You are always welcome. Always.



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