Sometimes, God grants us insight about something very disturbing in our lives. So disturbing that we might actually need to sit on it for a while.

When it happened to me, I just had to wait until I could breathe again. I did.

I let Holy Spirit take the lead as we worked through the painful revelation, let it do in me what was absolutely necessary.

And raw.  And liberating. And wonderful.

The price of the dance?

Today, I am blogging at Angie’s corner at Womanhood with Purpose! Please follow me there to read the rest of this post!



  1. Dear elder sister,

    Not sometimes, but always god grants us insight, it is visible to us only if we open our inner eyes, if so, nothing will be disturbing in our life and we don’t need to sit on even for a moment.

    It has happened to you on cause of yourself.

    finally you let the Holy Spirit and there you succeeded.

    the price of the LETting of Holy Spirit

    Thank you



  2. What a beautiful post!! I am so thankful that the Lord speaks to us and guides us!! I wouldn’t want my life in any other hands 🙂 Thanks for sharing, have a blessed day!!


  3. Wow…been there…done that…got the t-shirt! It always amazes me when we’re given that clarity and I always wonder why it was so hidden before. All in His time…right? Thanks for linking up! 😉 Blessings!


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