When there are no Words

Words explode all over Facebook; people cry and shout and pray with their words. People deal with the unimaginable by putting sentences out there, words strung together to express pain and horror and swords piercing the deepest parts of who we are.

The families of victims grieve near Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a gunman opened fire on school children and staff in Newtown, Connecticut

Photo credit: Adrees Latif, Reuters

But I have no words.

Me, the word addict, with no words. Words are how I express who I am, what I feel, what I want you to know. They are the shy or loud expression of my life.

But today I find no words of my own that would even come close to expressing all that there is in me. I feel numb. And guilty about having no words. Nothing to say.

Today, all I know to do is to sit with the grieving. In my head, that is, for I do not know them personally. But if I did, I would just sit with them. And hold their hand, or hug them tight, or just be there, a warm body right next to them, to remind them that they are not alone. Not presuming to know how to comfort with words, because at this point, there are no words in me for that.

Cut at the very core of all the matters, turned upside down and wrung through and through. Wordless.

But then I remember.

The Essential Word, the Word who came and became flesh so that we would indeed never ever be alone, even in the midst of human despair. The Essential Word, THE Word made flesh, He sits with us. Full of Who He is. Full of the Word.

God, whose Word is the only one that will do today.

God, the only perfect Word that is with us always.   

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  1. Great post Barbara!
    After such a tragedy is importand to be grateful for our blessings! Yet, dealing with the pain for what those families go though and the lives that were lost becomes easier with Praying for both, those who are here no longer and those who stayed behind and moarn.

    I look for love and forgiviness in my heart, knowing that this will take power away from anger and evil and eventually raise love and harmony as we shift in the new world. Jesus came to earth to prepare us and give us hope. to make us believe that LOVE is the only thing that will open paradise to us.

    I invite you to visit my blog and read how we have the power to change our world to a better place: http://journeyswithkatina.com/2012/12/12/shifting-to-the-new-earth/


  2. Hi dear Jean
    You bring such comfort to my heart. You are the first person that voice my feelings. Just be still and quiet alongside them even in our hearts and prayers.
    Thank you for this honesty!
    Bless you


  3. Sometimes silence is better. I find even my prayers seem so shallow. There is no way I can even begin to imagine the magnitude, the effect this tragedy is having on all involved. God hears our silence. Thank you for sharing your heart.


  4. My husband knows that when there are no words from me, that I am in distress. I am learning to fill those wordless moments with spirit-filled prayer. Prayer can do so much when I by myself can do so little.

    Wishing you peace, comfort this Christmas Season!


  5. As a grandmother of 4 elementary grands and 1 younger, this evil that came to the small school tucked quietly away with the simple white sign welcoming visitors, caused such immense shock and sorrow for those touched by such loss, such evil, that on Friday and Sat, my prayer was only, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God”. It was both asking the “WHY” and knowing only the Lord could fill the ache of sorrow and helplessness I felt for the people of Sandy Hook and our country as a whole. Yet…those two words, were enough. He knows my heart, a heart that usually is walking around praising Him in song. Much like you and others, I sat with those two words as my prayers. Sunday evening as we sat in church, my favorite song, Oh Holy Night, was sung at the end of the service. I felt HIM so close and with tears spilling down my cheeks once again I raise my arms in praise of my Lord. I continue to pray for all those in Sandy Hook elementary school and Newtown, CT. May the Lord comfort and strengthen each.


  6. news like what happened at Sandy Hook just breaks my heart…I can’t imagine being one of the parents who lost such a precious blessing that day. It’s so important to cover those hurting with prayer. We know that God is our hope, and we need to let that light shine in the darkness.


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