No Ordinary God

I have a love/hate relationship with ordinary. Because ordinary is wonderful, and safe, and routine, and comfortable. But ordinary is lame, and lazy, and boring and far from exciting. I need it, I crave it and then I loathe it.

I guess it’s obvious that balance is something I have to work on in my life.

But the God I serve and love, He is anything but ordinary. All the time. Even His ordinary everyday stuff has no ordinary in it.

Like Sunsets.

Or Sunrises.

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Or Fall.

Or Apples.

God’s everyday routine is extra-ordinary.

Because when He shows up, all the colors are brighter, and the wool is softer, and the heart is bigger, and the hands reach out.

And when He is behind the scene, the hugs are warmer, and the sun is brighter, and the pain is comforted, and hope is birthed.

The scent of God on any project, any person, any day makes it delightful, sought after, desired, fulfilling.

Because God is anything but ordinary.

And if I clothe myself with Him, I am not either. Even in the most mundane tasks of my day.

Like doing dishes

And answering mail

Or sitting in traffic.

When He shows up, it all makes sense.

When we clothe ourselves with Him, it is all worth it.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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#408 Christmas cookies in the oven

#407 Christmas music in the house

#406 Christmas Caroling with friends on a cold night 

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  1. Found and following through Inspire Me Monday link-up at Create With Joy. Some of my best moments happen when I remember to take the time to breathe in…:O)


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