My money, my time, my home, my book, my thoughts, my body…

I worked hard for these, you know. They are mine. Mine! Hands off! I earned them, I own them.


The still small voice says in the back of my head, in the depth of my heart, right in that place where I know truth, but I don’t want to go there, and I choose to ignore it. It’s mine, mine and mine alone.

I’ve got rights, you know.  We the people all the way!

So the hot water heater breaks and the saved money goes down the drain. And one of my children needs me and the accumulated time just flies away. And my house goes up in flame on the coldest day of the year and all I own is burned up. I don’t even have no place to call home anymore. And I leave my precious book on the bus and all its words are gone from me. And confusion moves in and my beautiful thoughts get all mangled up. And this strong body I created? I watch as it slowly breaks down under the pressure of years, and unpredictable weather, and bad choices,  diseases and exhaustion.

I am left with empty hands.

Empty heart.

And a dismantling castle that has lost all of its luster…

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And only then am I ready for the still small voice. I am ready to listen.

That money? I gave you power to make it.

The time you jealously guard? It is only on loan.

The book? It’s replaceable, don’t fret over it.

Those thoughts? What good will they do without My Word to back them up?

And this body you claim as yours? I made it for you.

I made it all for you to enjoy, to steward, to grow, to make fruitful.

And to the one who has, more shall be given. Because he doesn’t hold on to it for dear life. Because his life is in Me. And that is where the fruitfulness happens.

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