Reviewing in Order to Move On…

A year is about to end, full of defeats, let-downs, goals not achieved, disappointments, but also rich with proud moments, victories, new ground conquered, new habits established.

And the end of one time period always ushers in a new one. Because time stops for no one. Not even for you. Not even for me.

A new year is about to unfold, full of uncharted territories, promises, hopes for ourselves and those we love.

But we all know that the end of this one comes before the beginning of the next. How we end this one–and what we learn from it–will certainly determine how we begin the next.

So today, I am challenging you to review and mourn if necessary, to look back and take note.  To celebrate and give thanks. To consider what you did the with the time entrusted to you twelve months ago. To look back at 2012 and ask these kinds of questions:

  • What were my best, strongest, most amazing wins?
  • What is my best memory? My worse? Why is that?
  • What was my proudest moment? My most humiliating one? Why is that?
  • What goals did I achieve? What goals did I not achieve? Why is that?
  • Should I have set more goals? Less goals? Why is that?

And last but not least: in view of my answers to these questions, what would I like to plan for 2013? To achieve? To experience? To master?

There are many tools available to you to stir your mind to remember your 2012: your Facebook timeline, pictures, journals, memories of events and conversations. If you want to be specific, you could answer these questions for each of these areas: health, love, lifestyle, work, social life, spirituality.

Your honest answers to these questions have immeasurable value, for they will give you direction as you step out of 2012 into 2013. They will shape which doors you will go through in this next year of your life.

Just like gravity happens to each one of us and we must reckon in view of it, so it is with our life: either it happens to us, or we make it happen.

And we can’t make life happen without thinking about it, planning in view of the past, choosing in view of our purposeful desires.

Here is to a glorious, faith-filled, exciting, most amazing 2013.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

One-Thousand-Gifts-3Dleft#415 Roses in the Winter

#414 Homemade Barley Soup on a Cold Day

#413 Sitting in the living room and listening to my grown Children talk with each other about their Lives.

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  1. Love this! 🙂 And I love Ann Voskamp’s book! 🙂 Being thankful is so important! 🙂 Found you through the Better Mom!


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