January 2013–Dear New Beginnings,


There is something so delicious about you, like rich dark chocolate or decadent New York style cheesecake.

You taste like hope, and fulfillment and giddy joy and determination and life. You make me get up with anticipation in the morning and lay down at night with a sigh of satisfaction.

You put a spring in my step.  Dance and music in my heart. 


You made me happy, because you represent life in its purest form. When I embrace you, I get all nervous and excited all at once. You energize me. I start planning, and as I let my mind consider you, my thoughts become more focused and the bigger picture appears. And I get all excited. And then you rein me in and teach me to take it one choice at a time, one decision at a time, one step first, and then another. 

You give me direction. 

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You force me to be focused. You entice me to live in the moment. To behold what is right there, and the promises of what is to come. To breathe deep and be aware of every little bit of air hitting my lungs. To exhale purposefully, and then to start again.

Because of you, I remember how good it feels to have purposes, and goals and hope for something new, bigger, deeper, simpler. Because of you, I dare to step out into the new. Because of you, I feel alive.

And as I start a brand new year today, I embrace you with joy.

Thank you for all that you are to me,


By the way, I am starting my One Word for 2013; mine is going to be NOW, and sweet Melanie and Only a Breath made me this cool button:


Do you have a One Word for this year?

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