Back to Basics

A new year has started.

Really, it’s just another year, like the 53 I already had. No big deal. And actually, it’s just another day, and then another. January 5th comes and goes, and isn’t much different than December 28th, or May 13th for that matter. Yet stepping into this new year has caused me to do a lot of pondering–partly because I love new beginnings, and partly because I so did not want to set myself up for failure. My mind is assaulted with hundreds of thoughts that have rushed in and they seek to occupy it, shape it, rule it.

I look at the empty calendar and it’s already filled in my head, from beginning to end. It resembles a cluttered table, and my chest feels tight just looking at it. I stand at the beginning, yet there is no more room. 

And the pressure rises from within the walls of my mind. I won’t be able to do it all. I can’t do it all. I don’t want to. How will I add more?

And the Word rises from with the depths of my spirit, ” For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10)

And that settles all. Silly me! I wipe all the clutter off, and the table stands naked. Ready for Him to place His good works on there. The ones He intends for me to do. The ones that will bear fruit. I can let go of all the rest.

I look at the days empty of purpose and my mind has already filled them, from beginning to end, with goals, desires, dreams, accomplishments, victories… mixed with strong emotions of fear, excitement and discouragement, all jumbled together in a big messy knot. And my chest feels tight just staring at it. I stand at the beginning, and it’s already all messed up. 

And the pressure rises from within the walls of my soul. I can’t figure me out. I am just a loser. I don’t want to try anymore. How can I stop the cycle?

And the Word rises from with the depths of my spirit, “So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12)

And that settles all. Silly me! I loosen the knot, and the twine is just one long string that can be directed wherever the owner desires. Ready for Him to lead me each day in the way that He pleases. The one He intends for me to take. The ones that will bear fruit. I can let go of all others.

So I take a deep, unhindered breath and I drop to my knees. I close my eyes and open my heart and consecrate the days, the works and the heart that is me to Him and Him alone, the author and perfector of it all.

I can let go of all the rest.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp 

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  1. Barbara, thanks for linking up today. Just this week I was reading about Joshua, which took me to Moses, and those words struck me. “Teach us to number our days.” This is particularly poignant as a friend of mine, who has battled cancer for seven years, was given about a month to live. I so want to live this life well. Every single day.


  2. I think you’ve hit upon what we really ought to do with our new years’ beginnings: clear the table, unknot the knot, give the string and the leading over to God, instead of adding more clutter! So good that you have those words in the soul to rise and give wisdom and peace. Thanks.


  3. This was such a good read for me this morning as I already began to feel a little overwhelmed looking at this week’s calendar and thinking this is not how I wanted to begin the new year! So I am also going to take a deep breathe and loosen that knot I keep trying to make.


  4. This is good for me to read, Barbara. I can have those some feelings of being overwhelmed when I look ahead at all the things I need and/or want to get done in this year. But God is in control even of the calendar. So thankful!


  5. Thank you for sharing at Tell Me a Story. Is’nt it great that we are given one day at a time. What if it all came at once? On No that would not do. One step at a time, one minute, one hour, one day he gives us and that day we can walk and talk and write and do as he asks us to do.


  6. Barbara, I’m so glad I stopped by here today. I think I could have written these words as I too have been overwhelmed by looking at the new year, mainly because the turn of the clock on January 1 didn’t suddenly make life easier, or calmer. A million things rolling around in my head and I’m trying to figure out which ones God wants me to tackle. I like the picture you give of emptying the table and letting God start the year by putting there what he wishes. Thanks for sharing!


  7. wise words we should all take to heart! though most of the time i think i have reached that understanding, every now and then i need to be reminded again! and you do it so well! Thank you Barbara!


  8. Hi Barbara
    I have found that when my head is a clutter heap of thoughts of the “to do’s”, I remind myself that there is only two things Pappa God asks of us … to love Him … and every one He puts on front of us. That takes care of it for me!! It can keep one quite busy, don’t you think! Glad I found you at Just Write for I love your writing style.
    Hugs to you XX


  9. Barbara I read a lot of post today, but this one spoke to the core of my being. God’s Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my pathway – immediately this came to mind as I approach 2013 all knotted up standing before my God-sized dream. Thank you for sharing the simple step at the starting line.


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