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I hardly ever write by hand any longer. Well, that’s not completely true; once a week I send a snail mail note to my mother-in-law. But that’s about it. Everything else is done by computer, or on my Iphone. Even my grocery list!

After I was done memorizing 1 Peter 1, someone suggested that I hand-write the whole thing. “It’s good for the brain,” she said. “It will help you in the long run.”

Not my favorite thought. Not my favorite activity at all.

So I stalled. But eventually, I got down to business and did it.

My handwriting isn’t nice. Messy, uneven, too round. It’s a bit worse now, I guess the lack of practice doesn’t help. And my wrist started to hurt a bit. But I did it. The whole chapter. One little word at a time. And I didn’t even abbreviate the hard ones, like city names and such.

And I loved it. Every little word. I loved underlining what ministered most to me at the moment.

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While I hand-wrote, I delighted in my fingers holding the pen and gently shaping the letters that make up Jesus’name. While I hand-wrote, I let my mind wander and I imagined what seeing Him for the first time will be like. While I hand-wrote, I sensed His love with every word that reminded me that Jesus died so that we would believe in God Himself. While I hand-wrote, I marveled at that love, and at my heart that has been so changed through it.

While I hand-wrote, I slowed down enough to chew on the words.

I slowed down enough to savor the words.

I slowed down enough to swallow the words.

I slowed down enough to see His love in these letters strung together into a love letter with my name on it.

I slowed down enough to be strengthened. And thankful. And thrilled. And delighted. And lifed.

I think I might just keep going.

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#425 Waking up early for a date with God 

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