Hand Writing

I hardly ever write by hand any longer. Well, that’s not completely true; once a week I send a snail mail note to my mother-in-law. But that’s about it. Everything else is done by computer, or on my Iphone. Even my grocery list!

After I was done memorizing 1 Peter 1, someone suggested that I hand-write the whole thing. “It’s good for the brain,” she said. “It will help you in the long run.”

Not my favorite thought. Not my favorite activity at all.

So I stalled. But eventually, I got down to business and did it.

My handwriting isn’t nice. Messy, uneven, too round. It’s a bit worse now, I guess the lack of practice doesn’t help. And my wrist started to hurt a bit. But I did it. The whole chapter. One little word at a time. And I didn’t even abbreviate the hard ones, like city names and such.

And I loved it. Every little word. I loved underlining what ministered most to me at the moment.

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While I hand-wrote, I delighted in my fingers holding the pen and gently shaping the letters that make up Jesus’name. While I hand-wrote, I let my mind wander and I imagined what seeing Him for the first time will be like. While I hand-wrote, I sensed His love with every word that reminded me that Jesus died so that we would believe in God Himself. While I hand-wrote, I marveled at that love, and at my heart that has been so changed through it.

While I hand-wrote, I slowed down enough to chew on the words.

I slowed down enough to savor the words.

I slowed down enough to swallow the words.

I slowed down enough to see His love in these letters strung together into a love letter with my name on it.

I slowed down enough to be strengthened. And thankful. And thrilled. And delighted. And lifed.

I think I might just keep going.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#427 His Word in my heart

#426 Ink in my printer

#425 Waking up early for a date with God 

#424 A pen that glides beautifully

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  1. That is great! I am going to try and find time today and do the same thing! I am sure my hand will start hurting too! I think I am going to do Philippians since it is my favorite.


  2. Wonderful post. I also use my computer or phone to write many things, even appointments or lists but prefer to write by hand some kinds of things, like my journal, projects sketches, or notes to myself… it´s much more rewarding and clarifying


  3. […] I’ve also received much encouragement from a group of godly women at Hide His Word on facebook.  We can actively participate or just be encouraged by what the other women have to say.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the interaction and the encouragement.  It is in fact where I found the idea of writing out the Scriptures because of Barbara’s testimony which you can find at her personal blog. […]


  4. Writing by hand does something to our mind that typing can’t do. When I need to memorize, writing by hand is the first thing that gets done. Thank you for sharing your precious story of writing the Chapter I Peter 1 with our Tell Me a Story friends..


  5. What a wonderful testimony! No matter how far we go in our walk with Him, it seems that it gets better and deeper and the wonderful ideas that he gives like this are amazing. He knew your heart and exactly the way that He wanted to minister to you!


  6. I love to write out verses by hand. As you journal your verses more often, your hand will not hurt as much and your handwriting will improve, at least some. I love Ann Voskamp’s books and I have started to count my blessings along with her and others like you!!

    Welcome to WholeHearted Home and thanks for linking up last week and hope to see you again soon!!


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