My friend Jackie writes a lovely little newsletter, Penn’s Acres Kitchen. It is  about everyday life in small town Pennsylvania and the yummy recipes that go with it. The last line of her newsletter is always the same:

Above all, there is such a thing as absolute truth. 

What a great way to end anything–a newsletter, a statement, a life.

What a great way to begin anything–a project, a marriage, a life.

This is the first of 26 weekly posts that you will find every Thursday at Womanhood with Purpose. The series is called THE ALPHABET OF LIFE. So please join me here to finish reading this post. 

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

#431 My Thursday Morning Prayer Group

#430 The Ladies I work out with who make me laugh 

#429 Slow but steady progress

#428 The golden hour sunlight in the trees