God’s Surprises

He is sweet like that, my God. He loves to catch me by surprise and overwhelm me with undeserved and extravagant kindnesses.

Like when He outdid Himself with a sunset that took my breath away while I was running in the midst of Maine’s blueberry fields.

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And when He extended overwhelming mercy to me when I had been more than nasty to my husband.

And the time He dropped 50 pounds of potatoes at my doorstep after I gave my last two potatoes away.


I remember the day He softly whispered His forever love to me when I was pouring my lonely heart out to Him with heavy, painful tears, and He convinced me that having Him was the better part.

And how He stirred my heart to dare receive my house paid in full from His hand and two months later I got a check for that very amount plus nine dollars.


I love how He surprises me.

I love how He so intimately and deliciously loves me.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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  1. Once upon a time I was going to host a blog carnival called God whispers. Those moments just like this when nobody but God moved and He didn’t come with fanfare or trumpets. A whisper as soft as a baby breathing in his sleep on your shoulder.. Just beautiful.


  2. His caring is all that counts, all I can count on. [I almost NEVER fuss with my husband, partly b/c I know what it was like to be married to an emotional fighter before, and Dave almost never pushes any buttons; if I fuss, the Lord would have to tap me and say, “Remember, Daughter, who I gave you for your blessings?”]


  3. Those quick, take your breath away moments – feel like it’s only you and God in all the universe moments – Those moments where you feel like you are passing an inside joke look to God, thanking Him, being in awe of Him, feeling oh so loved by Him. … Ahhh… Thank you for the reminder.


  4. I’m always delighted to see that the link I clicked on takes me to your blog. I never come away disappointed. Your perspectives are fresh, deep, and transparent. Today’s reminded me of the many, many times God has appeared to me in grace, care, provision, and love. Thanks for the great start to my day. Visiting from Hungry for God and glad I did.


  5. beautiful! i love how you have these moments engraved on your heart… sometimes it’s so easy for me to forget that it was GOD that had His hand on so many special moments of my life… they slowly turn into just “really cool moments” instead of how God continuously provides and cares for me. happy thursday barbara. xoxo


  6. He is so wonderful and it seems is ALWAYS full of surprises, big and small, if we choose have eyes to see them. Thanks for sharing His goodness.
    new follower here via the blog hop. 🙂


  7. You’ve revealed the extravagent love of Christ here. Seeing His wonder in the little and big things of our every day lives. He is so good. Thanks for linking up with Duane and I for Wonderstruck. Enjoyed it.


  8. […] And as the years went by–and we lived them fully, you and I hand in hand, learning life together,–I have had to let you suffer through heart breaks, and I have had to let you deal with lost games and championships, and broken friendships and harsh words that shattered your tender being, and scraped knees and broken bones that you could not escape. I have prayed and fasted, cried and begged, but I have known the answer all along: God won’t let me be God. […]


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