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He is sweet like that, my God. He loves to catch me by surprise and overwhelm me with undeserved and extravagant kindnesses.

Like when He outdid Himself with a sunset that took my breath away while I was running in the midst of Maine’s blueberry fields.

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And when He extended overwhelming mercy to me when I had been more than nasty to my husband.

And the time He dropped 50 pounds of potatoes at my doorstep after I gave my last two potatoes away.


I remember the day He softly whispered His forever love to me when I was pouring my lonely heart out to Him with heavy, painful tears, and He convinced me that having Him was the better part.

And how He stirred my heart to dare receive my house paid in full from His hand and two months later I got a check for that very amount plus nine dollars.


I love how He surprises me.

I love how He so intimately and deliciously loves me.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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