Life Enhancement

Some of us experience it a bit sooner, others a bit later, but it is going to happen to all of us, because time is no respector of persons. And even if we don’t like the facts, they remain: skin loses its elasticity over time, and we all wind up with some degree of sagging skin. It’s just par for the course.

So we begin to talk about aging gracefully.

Or maybe we get skin enhancements with derma-fillers, which lift the skin, but the results aren’t permanent and the procedure must be done all over again. Yet for a short while, it gives the illusion that we haven’t really aged.

But the cold truth remains, whether we like it or not: as we age, skin sags.

Or maybe  we get face lifts, trying to fool time more aggressively. And it looks like we win the battle over time for a while; we pretend that we are better than others, and our skin didn’t sag like theirs did. Yet when all is said and done, time won’t be mocked, and all we did to slow down the mark of time in the mirror did not fool the clock.

Time marches on. 

So we go back to talking about aging gracefully. Because we finally realize that that is all that is left for us to do for our bodies.  These bodies we live in, they were not  meant to house us forever. They are only a shell for who we are.

And the shell wears out eventually, and the shell will lay down and die. And the shell will disintegrate and go back to the earth where it came from. Skin enhancements or not.

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But not so with the person who we truly are on the inside. That part of us remains forever.  There is a spirit within me that will never die.

Yet life lived on this earth has its way of digging its claw even in this eternal part of me, and that forever spirit within me can at times find itself sagging on the inside, mirroring the skin that holds it so gently.

But heart enhancements don’t work. 

The heart is too tender for collagen to boost it.

And heart-lifts don’t work, because there is no nip or tuck that can render newness on the inside.

And aging gracefully doesn’t work, for that heart tangled in soul and spirit is eternal. It doesn’t age, really. It stands outside of time.

Life enhancements are needed when that eternal heart finds itself weary as though it lived  inside of time. Liquid gold for the soul. An infusion of truth that reminds the captive heart of its jubilee.

Life enhancements are free for the taking, and they go on forever. They don’t thin out, wear out, give out. They never get rejected, for the life on the inside delights in more of itself.

They are free for the taking, but they are very pricey. They are free for the taking, but they cost Him His life. It’s a simple equation.

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#452 Homemade popcorn while listening to an audio book

#451 A crackling fire in our little stove tonight

#450 A spectacular sunrise this morning


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  1. Life enhancements for my heart – yes. The more I see my body aging, the more I’m reminded of what doesn’t age. Grateful for God’s grace to continue renewing us and making us MORE into his image as we age.

    Needed this today. Thanks, Barbara.


  2. Barbara…great stuff today. I’ve often commented that getting old-er is rough physically but thankfully this is not my eternal home and where I am headed my physical body is not needed…wrinkles, aches, and all won’t matter, just my heart. Thank you for sharing at WJIM. Have a blessed week.


  3. “All we did to slow down the mark of time in the mirror did not fool the clock.” I had to chuckle when I read that. But I have to admit I now look in the mirror and think more favorably on facelifts than I used to. But I won’t go there, I know. What counts is the eternal soul, and only God can lift that up to where it needs to be to thrive.


  4. Linking up from Heather’s.

    Love this! I’ve finally begun to embrace the lines and silver hair as well as being thought to be my daughter’s grandmother. It is what it is as they say! I am defined by what He has written in my heart and on His right hand.



  5. The world offers “self improvement” courses etc, but God offers us to become a new creation in Him. I loved the way you wove science trying to keep us young, and the heart receives the true enhancement from our Lord. Thank you for sharing at Tell Me a Story.


  6. Hi Barbara
    Happily visiting from Emily’s with a big smile at your wisdom!! Yes, Paul said that although our outward bodies are perishing, our spirit gets renewed day after day!
    Much love


  7. It’s comforting to know that although my body is wasting away, that I will be continually renewed in my mind and heart until the day of His appearing. Thanks for linking up with The Weekend Brew!


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